Hello and thank you for stopping by my Photography website. My name is Matt Halvorson. Photography was always fun for me even as a kid. My first camera was a 110 film camera back in the 80’s and as time went by I upgraded to a digital cameras but all point and shoot cameras. My first non-point and shoot camera was a Nikon. As soon as I brought it home I was hooked and photography became more than just a hobby for me. Now I have actually published photos in travel brochures, business flyers, websites, as well as for other uses.

I love exploring this beautiful world and photography is a natural addition to this passion of mine. Photography allows me to capture the wonders I see and share them with others. Arizona is my home state and I can’t get enough of it. I love the diversity of Arizona, from the Grand Canyon to the San Francisco Peaks, to the Senora Desert; there isn’t any type of landscape you can’t find. My Mom always said the loved Arizona because “How many places can you ski and swim outdoors in the same afternoon?” She couldn’t be more right, within the same afternoon you can drive from the snow covered Mountains around Flagstaff to the sunny and warm lakes in the Phoenix area.

I aspire to bring the joys of photography and exploration to others and to persuade others to take the time to enjoy the beauties we have been blessed with every day. I believe if everyone took at least one day a week, grabbed the kids or dog and went for a hike they would have more happiness and enjoyment in their life. I know this is not always an option and I hope my photography can help those who cannot get out every week.