Selling, renting, or advertising your business requires high quality photos to draw people in. Often before anyone reads anything about the house or business they judge it from a photo they see. Having the right photo can draw someone into clicking on your listing and reading more where you can really sell them on your house or business. Maybe you just updated or upgraded some features of your vacation rental, it is a good idea to get that photographed right away and included to help sell your rental.

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Real Estate Photography: Sell or rent your house faster with better photography!
It is hard to give a standard session for shooting a house or business as each one may have different needs. Having said that I can often get a house done for about $150. Some customers want HDR images, evening and day time photos (two trips to the house) which can increase the price. Some people just need a couple of photos of the main rooms which cost less. Your house may need extra/special lighting which may add to me time or maybe you are just selling a lot so you just need a photo of the view from the lot. Contact me and we can discuss your needs so I can get you specialized pricing for your needs.

Rentals, VRBO, and restaurants and other business Photography: Show off your business with great photography!
Photography of businesses and furnished rentals such as vacation rentals differ slightly from traditional rentals and selling real estate. With furnished rentals and businesses you want to convey now only what the structure looks like but also what is available with the structure. For example a kitchen with an espresso machine might need to be taken in a way that the espresso is more visible and prominent. In a business you may want to hire models showing off your lounge, bar or pool. As a photographer it is helpful if you convey the features you feel make your business stand out so we can discuss what photos will work best for you. Pricing on VRBOs and furnished rentals are fairly similar to general real estate photography withe the only difference being you may need more photos to show off all amenities. Businesses such as bars, hotels, casinos, restaurants are too unique to give a price point. Call me and we can discuss what you need and I can give you a price to cover just what you need.