Granite Mountain Sunset
Went out looking for lightening but found a beautiful sunset instead. S

Granite Mountain Sunset

Granite MountainWhen taking photos always be aware of your surroundings. It not just for safety but also helps make sure you don’t miss a great shot. Some times you get a photo you don’t expect to get. I was out trying to photograph lightening. I found a location that I felt was safe and had a good view of the storm. There was a lot of lightening but I just wasn’t getting the shot I wanted.  I was facing away from the sunset and I noticed that the landscape around me was getting a very warm color. This usually means there is a rainbow nearby or there is a great sunset.  I turned around to see the sky light up in beautiful colors. Unfortunately the foreground was fairly boring. I decided it was the sky that was the interesting point of the photo so I composed the shot to include mostly sky and only a little of the foreground.  I was sure to get Granite Mountain as that is a well known attraction in Prescott.

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