Ocean Rings

Ocean Rings

Rings - Landscape Photography by Matt Halvorson
Rings – Landscape Photography by Matt Halvorson

This shot was difficult one to make and was just about ruined. In fact I was debating not even developing it. The problem was that I was taking this shot in a very strong head wind that was drenching the filter I had on. The salty film was impossible to clean off and keep off, plus the constant water droplets on the filter. This is why the image is not very sharp. It a shame too because I like the ring of the water around the rock. I took many frames of this trying to get the stream of water just detailed enough to show up the way I liked. I also had to grab my camera/tripod and run a few times when the larger waves came up. Even if the shot didn’t come out the way I wanted I had fun doing it.

The photo setup:

2 stop ND filter attached by a Lee Filter Fnd. Holder
Exposure Settings:  F/22  |  2.5 sec  |  ISO100  |  10mm
Timing: Waited for the wave to come all the way in then opened the shutter as the water stated to retreat. This gave the look of the ring around the rock.
Development: Developed in LR then moved to PS to remove the water spots on the filter.

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