Watson Lake at Night

Watson Lake at Night

Watson Lake at Night by Matt Halvorson
Shooting at night can give a very different perspective of a common scene. While normally this shot during the day would look boring I decided to capture some movement in the sky.  I went out to get photos of the meteor shower over Watson Lake but it was kind of a bust. I didn’t end up seeing much. I shot this at midnight but the action was about 3 hours later. I couldn’t stay out for it so this was all I could get. I can’t believe how bright the night sky is getting over Prescott. I was afraid the PV lights on the other side of Glassford was going to hide too many meteors. With just a setting moon I could actually see the shapes of the clouds. Oh well I had fun anyway. This is not my best work but I thought I would post for the technique anyway.

The Setup:

On a tripod and at night I used a very long exposure about 15 minutes. The night was dark due to the setting moon and the clouds in the sky. Because I wanted to capture as many stars in the clouds as possible I used a very open aperture. Normally I would also use a higher ISO am not a fan of noise so I though I would try the shot at only ISO200. For shots including the stars I never used an ND filter because it cuts too much light from the stars and you just don’t see them.
ISO200  |  F/2.8  |  980 seconds |  FL=35mm


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