Autumn at Oak Creek
The Autumn colors of Oak Creek near Sedona Arizona

Autumn at Oak Creek

The Autumn colors of Oak Creek near Sedona Arizona have never disappointed me. The oak trees and plants turn beautiful colors and the water with a long exposure can look…

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Photography is for Everyone

The wonderful thing about photography is that everyone from the photographer to the viewer can enjoy it.  I enjoy being a photographer because I get to share with others the…

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Bride in the Tree

Bride in the Tree - by Matt Halvorson This is a shot for a wedding I did a few weeks ago. To limit the harsh shadows from the sun I…

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Heaven on Earth
Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth by Matt Halvorson You will often hear me say photography is often about being in the right place at the right time. This was one of those…

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Ocean Rings

This shot was difficult one to make and was just about ruined. In fact I was debating not even developing it. The problem was that I was taking this shot…

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Lone Cypress

  The Lone Cypress – This tree has been sitting out on this rocky ledge by itself overlooking the Pacific Ocean for over 250 years. The photo setup. Started with…

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Jellies by Matt Halvorson Some Jellies – Beautiful but deadly! To get really unique shots you have to go to the ocean. If you just want to get good shots…

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Oak Creek

I went down to Oak Creek over the weekend to see some fall colors. It’s always beautiful there and I was happy to find a couple of new locations I…

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Watson Lake at Night

Shooting at night can give a very different perspective of a common scene. While normally this shot during the day would look boring I decided to capture some movement in…

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